Electrical winchmotor

Sporty top performances are often demanded with the sailings.

With your crank you serve your winches to put the sails.

This work makes easier the CARPE-SAIL to you substantially. Only small plug is necessary for the use and already you can enjoy the sailings uncompromisingly.

Cost-intensive rebuilding and adaptation work on your winches remains saved to you.

Our experienced engineer's team has developed an optimum help to the maritime area with the CARPE-SAIL.

With this high-quality and efficient product a high value of aesthetics and use friendliness was placed.

An unusual design is the result.

Besides, a high quality is natural for us.

That's why we are able any time to offer you certified and quick service.

Advantages of the CARPE-SAIL

one Carpe-Sail for all winches without doing alterations
your proven and close winches remain fully preserved
manual control of the rope tractive power remains
no construction changes at the ship in comparison to electric winches
completely isolated, therefore for steel and aluminium yachts suitably
with all winch's dimensions applicable

Technical datas

nominal voltage: 12 V (24 V optional) DC
Motorpower: 300 W
Speed: 60 Rpm
Torque: over 75 Nm